The Karg Academy is a private, grass-roots, informal "not-for-profit" special education organization created in 1996 by and for parents of children with neuro-developmental disabilities to educate and assist each other in the ever increasingly arduous battle for the free and appropriate public education (FAPE) services our children are entitled to by the current State and Federal special education (IDEA) and disability (ADA) laws of the United States of America.  

The goal and intent of this website is to provide parents, teachers, and caregivers of children with disabilities a free and accurate resource for the most effective and comprehensive disability definitions, education theories, developmentally appropriate practices, and scientifically researched, evidence-based interventions and strategies currently available on raising, educating and advocating for children with disabilities -- from the unique perspective of PARENTS:  the ultimate teachers, counselors, specialists, coaches, advocates, role models, & devoted fans of our amazing children as they participate and succeed in our world on their own terms.

Needless to say, this is a continual work in progress...

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PLEASE NOTE:  In preparation for formal, federal 501(c)(3) "not-for-profit" status, all monies earned by The Karg Academy are a result of hourly fees for direct service; and all such earnings are used solely for the self preservation, expansion, and enhancement of The Karg Academy mission goals.  
Information from this website, as well as basic advice through phone or email correspondence, is provided to parents/guardians/caregivers of children with disabilities free of charge. 

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