Ø     Chewing on his Tongue or Cheeks

Ø     Biting his Lips

Ø     Grinding his Teeth

Ø     Clenching his Teeth While Talking

Ø     Clearing his Throat Loudly

Ø     Pushing or Pulling on his Lower Jaw with his Fingers

Ø     Pulling/Dragging his Hands Down his Cheeks

Ø     Pushing his Upper Teeth into the Heel of his Hand

Ø     Excessive Saliva Production (swallowing/drooling)

Ø     Obsessive, Inconsolable Fear/Panic of Choking or Vomiting

Ø     Insufficient Saliva Production (dry mouth)

Ø     Decreased Volume/Pitch/Rhythm of Voice (whispering, running out of breath, breathing in while talking, monotones)





Ø     Inconsistent Hearing (processing only pieces of information or parts of sentences)

Ø     Increased Startle Response to Noise

Ø     Increased Delay in Response

Ø     Unable to Sort Out Information/Identify Relevant from Irrelevant Information

Ø     Decreased Short Term Memory

Ø     Inability to Comprehend Abstract Concepts

Ø     Jumbled Speech Production (incorrect sequencing/verb tense/pronoun)

Ø     Decreased Pronunciation

Ø     Poor Recognition of Familiar or Known Spoken/Written words

Ø     Decreased Oral Reading Speed & Accuracy

Ø     Poor Comprehension of Read Material

Ø     Unable to Comprehend Multi-Step or Sequenced Commands or Instructions

Ø     Decreased Tolerance for ANY Noise

Ø     Confusion with Similar Sounding Words

Ø     Unable to Focus on Listening Tasks

Ø     Reduced Attention Span

Ø     Greatly Increased Distractibility

Ø     Requires Increased Repetition and Clarification of Familiar Information or Routine

Ø     Expressions of Despair or Self Deprecation of Himself, or Dislike of the Subject Matter

Ø     Inability to Comprehend Information Displayed at a Distance (rules written on the board, signs, etc.)




Ø     Increased Gravitational Insecurity (tripping and/or falling for no apparent reason)

Ø     Unable to Maintain or Regain Personal Balance with Unexpected Touch (bumps or jostles)

Ø     Decreased Protective Stance (unable to break his fall with arms/hands to prevent injury)

Ø     Decreased Self Correction for Trip/Fall (unable to move his body or adjust his fall to prevent injury)

Ø     Decreased Awareness of Body Position in Space (bumping into everything, unable to recognize or maintain personal space of others, needing increased personal space for himself)

Ø     Increased Deep Pressure Seeking Activity (needing to ‘crash’ into things, stomping his feet, drumming or pounding on his body with his hands)

Ø     Decreased Awareness of Body Force on Objects (‘slamming’ doors, breaking pencil tips/chalk, tearing paper while writing, knocking things off surfaces, etc.)

Ø     Increased Startle Response to ANY Light Touch (panic response to bugs, wind, sand, rain, sweat… anything producing light touch to skin)

Ø     Hypersensitivity to Any Foreign Substance on/against Skin (clothing, outerwear, sun-block, bug repellant, etc.)

Ø     Hypersensitivity to Pain

Ø     Decreased Self Recognition or Regulation in Body Temperature (unable to recognize increases or decreases in body temperature until they are intolerable, unable to remember how to physically compensate – ie jacket/gloves or cool clothes/cool drink)