• Review Disability Evaluations, Documentation & Records to Determine Eligibility for Special Education Services and Substantiate Requests for Appropriate Instructional Modifications and Environmental Accommodations.

  • Assess the Impact of Specific Neuro-developmental Disabilities on Academic & Social Development & Achievement to Accurately Develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that Provide Scientifically Researched, Evidence-Based Accommodations & Modifications Proven to Facilitate Positive Educational & Social Experiences.

  • Facilitate Communication & Negotiation Efforts Between Family Members, Public School Personnel, And Medical Professionals for the Express Purpose & Benefit of Securing the Most Appropriate Modifications & Accommodations Required to Effectively Address Every Aspect of Each Specific Disability for Each Student.

  • Provide Short Term Crisis Intervention & Consultation to Families of Children with Disabilities to Teach Effective Monitoring , Regulating, Coping & Problem Solving Strategies that Facilitate Increased Self Regulation, Social Independence & Self Esteem.

  • Provide Information, Referral, & Support to Families of Students with Disabilities to Facilitate Comprehension of Specific Neuro-developmental Disabilities as well as Specific Rights AND Responsibilities Regarding Reasonable & Appropriate Disability Accommodations & Modifications.

  • Network With & Participate in Activities & Events Sponsored by Community-Based Special Education Organizations Serving the Full Spectrum of Developmental Disability Populations to Facilitate Community Awareness, Tolerance, & Acceptance.

  • Provide Consultation, Professional Development Training, & Technical Assistance to Promote Awareness & Understanding of the State & Federal Laws Ensuring & Protecting Equality & Access AND Freedom from Harassment & Discrimination for Individuals with Disabilities to Facilitate Equal Learning Opportunities & Successful Social & Educational Experiences for ALL Students.