IEP Vision Statements

The purpose of the IEP Vision Statement is to direct the comprehensive focus of the IEP TEAM to your child and your child’s potential. This is your only chance to detail the functional progress you expect to see as a result of the district’s successful implementation of the goals, objectives, services and supports included in your child’s IEP. It is important that your vision statement includes challenging but achievable expectations for your child, as this sets the tone for the entire IEP, for example:

“The entire TEAM would like to see [child’s name], through the successful direct instruction, remediation, support, and services included in this IEP, achieve growth in all areas by demonstrating significant improvement in:

  • the academic skills necessary to be an independent, motivated, and competent learner, as would be evidenced by the acquisition of demonstrable knowledge, resulting in an increase in academic self-confidence and achievement in the general curriculum."
  • age appropriate self-monitoring and self-regulation skills, as would be evidenced by the independent use of appropriate, targeted strategies to cope with novel situations, control impulsivity, and increase flexibility with routines, resulting in successful participation in the regular education setting."
  • the ability to identify, comprehend, and perform age and gender appropriate social rules (including independent self-care) that meet the expectations of his/her preferred peer groups, as would be evidenced by an increase in the development of successful significant peer relationships and social peer acceptance."
  • the ability to recognize, identify, and perform the nonverbal communicators necessary to expand his/her social language skills, as would be evidenced by an increase in independent, appropriate, and successful communication with all types of people in a variety of situations."